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Coruna is located on the northwestern edge of the Iberian Peninsula and was historically the capital of Galicia. Coruna was once an important Atlantic port and was historically home to some of the most important Spanish ports such as Porto, Portobello and Santo Domingo.

The city also has one of the longest promenades in Europe and is older than the city itself. The World Heritage Tower of Coruna, which is more than ancient, also houses the tallest building in the world. Winter is cold here, so if you are looking for a beach holiday, there is a good place to visit when the temperature is hottest, then this is Orzan Riazor, where you can find the locals surfing. Winter is getting colder and the best accommodations in Corunna will be very crowded during these months, so plan your trip in advance and book in advance so that you are ready for the winter months when it gets colder.

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More About La Coruna

More About La Coruna