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Northern Spain has a wealth of stunning beaches stretching from the Basque Country to Galicia. Perhaps the most famous of these is the so-called rough coast of La Coruna in the north of the country. Many foreign visitors to Galicia will spend their entire holiday in the province of A'Coruna and will rightly feel the need to taste most of what Galicia has to offer before venturing beyond the provincial borders.

If you want to stay in Cantabria and combine lazy days on the beach with a stay in Cudillero, a picturesque fishing village that is always on the list of the most beautiful villages in Spain, you should not miss it. Visit Santillana del Mar, which the National Tourist Board of the Basque Country has called "the most beautiful village in Spain," and La Coruna, the capital of Galicia.

It is located on the Mediterranean coast and borders the coast of the Basque Country, the Canary Islands and Galicia, as well as the island of Santillana del March. It borders the town of La Coruna and the town of Cudillero, a picturesque fishing village in Cantabria, Spain.

It is also one of the best hotels in the region, with an average room rate of about $2,000 per night and a maximum room rate of $3,500 per month.

Galicia, located in the northwest of Spain, is a region consisting of three provinces: Galicia (north), Huesca (south) and La Rioja (east). The northern province of Hueca is located near the Pyrenees mountain range and borders France. The Community borders Catalonia in Spain and the north-east of France and has a population of about 2.5 million.

Although Spain has been a highly centralized state for much of its modern history, the provinces serve as transmission belts for the policies adopted in Madrid. More importantly: for over 400 years Spain was a cosmopolitan empire held together by law, language and Roman roads. Roman Empire and played an important role in the great events that marked the Iberian Peninsula.

The city is also known for being the first woman in Spanish history to give birth to a child, Queen Victoria. The city has been the site of many important events, such as the Battle of Santiago de Compostela and the Spanish Civil War, and is also known as home to one of the most important religious sites in Europe, the Basilica of St. Peter.

The Basque province of Alava tops the list as the historical region of Spain, which includes the southwestern province of the provinces of Caceres and Badajoz. Santander is the capital of the Roman province of Cantabria, which became the Principality of Asturias after the Gothic Empire. The Kingdom of Old Castile included a part called Asturia de Santa Juliana Santillana, and as a subdivision of this ancient province in Spain it became a province in 1833, Santandander.

The province of Coruna is one of the wealthiest in Galicia, as it is probably the most industrial, and the journey to the coast of Galicia is done in several cities within ten minutes. It is connected to Santiago de Compostela by a highway, a highway that has been recently built and has good and obvious signs announcing new developments for the whole of Galiais.

The NH Alfonso IX Hotel is located in the heart of the city, surrounded by gardens and a river, and is within the NH. Hotel Alf Alonso IX is one of Galicia's most luxurious hotels, with a magnificent view of the river.

This region has eliminated the threat of a land war between Europe and Spain and is a great destination for a holiday in the countryside in Spain. Google Map Gazetteer, if you are searching Murcia, Spain, search for the best Western hotels in the Galicia region.

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More About La Coruna