Lacoruna Spain Hilton Hotel

DoubleTree Hilton A Coruna opens its doors today to guests in the heart of the historic city. The hotel is located on the attractive 13 km promenade that leads from Castillo de San Anton to El Portino. The hotel is a picturesque place for leisurely walks and bears the same name as the original hotel.

In the old town of Coruna, there is Maria Pita Square, where the tomb of the local heroine, known for warning the city of an invasion in the late 15th century, is located. In the old town, meanwhile, you can see the statue of Maria de los Pitas in front of her house in El Portino Square, celebrated for her courage in warning against invasion.

Nearby destinations include the city of Coruna, the city of El Portino and the historic city center of La Paz, as well as a number of other tourist attractions.

Not to be missed is the Lobby Bar, which offers a selection of light snacks and drinks, and the Hunico Terrace Lounge, which offers breathtaking views of the A - Coruna coast, while guests sip innovative cocktails. Linked to the Hunico restaurant, it is the perfect place to enjoy a refreshing cocktail while enjoying the glittering view of the A-Coruna coast.

The hotel also has a gym where guests can keep fit and relax in the sauna, and there is also a fitness centre with a range of fitness and fitness equipment, as well as a yoga studio. Guests who want to stay fit can use the fitness facilities such as a gym, gym and sauna where they can relax, work out and unwind.

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Coruna is also home to a number of established international companies, so this hotel is ideally located if you are in town for business. The hotel's conveniently located beauty salon makes it easy for guests to brush up their hair, skin, nails and other body parts. PM Solutions is a project management service company that helps organizations improve their business performance through the application of project management procedures (PMO). The agency's offices are located at the Hilton Hotel in Coruna, Spain, with offices in Barcelona, Madrid, Santiago de Compostela and Madrid.

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Felipez is a rising star in the world of cuisine and has already received a number of awards for his work, including a Q & A award from the Institute of Quality of Spanish Tourism. He has received numerous awards, including the prestigious "A" and "Q" awards, which are given to the best chefs in Spain, the World Tourism Organization's "Best Chef" award and is one of the most respected chefs in the world, with numerous awards from the Spanish International Culinary Association and the Food and Beverage Council of the European Union. I am very excited to be presenting Hilton's world-renowned hospitality in Coruna for the first time, "said Jose Luis Rodriguez, President and CEO of Hilton Spain.

More About La Coruna

More About La Coruna