Lacoruna Spain Intercontinental Hotel

I am only a passenger with a lot of luggage, so you need a minivan or a car, but if you enjoy the comfort of your own car and the amenities of a private hotel, it means booking private services. If your postcode starts with "75," simply fill in the address field below. The driver will pick you up at your hotel in the car park at the end of the street or find your address indicated on the reservation form.

If there is no note, add a note to the note, and if it is sure it is, fill it in, but please do not use it. Please note the telephone number indicated on the booking form and verify that the number is correct. The only way to contact us in case of any problems is from Paris, so please fill in the numbers. We cannot reach you by phone in France, where we are only reachable by e-mail, fax or telephone. Please check this.

The Booking page uses a list of predefined pick-up and drop-off points; simply select the start and end points by clicking the arrow on the right of the box. It is not necessary to have a printed copy, instead the customer will provide a booking reference as a 5 or 6 digit reference of numbers and letters. The flight number is recognized by starting with 2 letters identifying the airline, followed by 2-4 numbers identifying each flight. We can show you an email you received directly from your mobile phone, or you can show us the email address and phone number of your travel agent.

The flight number is the information you need when you leave Paris by plane. Use this to find out from which terminal you have picked up, check your arrival time and check where you will be picked up at the airport. Due to traffic jams, we recommend you leave the city centre, but if you are leaving a city without an airplane, the flight numbers are not the information you need.

More About La Coruna

More About La Coruna