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A Michelin-starred restaurant in La Coruna, one of Spain's most popular tourist destinations, is the place to let off steam.

Many in Rias Baixas consider this place a temple to big game, so expect king crabs, lobster, grouper and turbot to be easy and delicious to prepare. Try the oven - baked zamburina with baby clams, followed by fried rako, or try roasted shaving clams, pulpo gallega, boiled octopus or if you just want a drink. Enjoy a meal at the popular restaurant in La Coruna, one of the most popular in Spain, and expect the best of both worlds: king crab, lobster, gorgonzola and grouper, and turbot, which are simply delicious.

This charming hotel is a microcosm of the city itself, with antique furniture worn out by old and new, as well as by modern and modern. It is Vigo's newest city and hosts a variety of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels.

This 19th century lighthouse is a quiet place to enjoy the view of the sea and its many caves, as well as the city itself. At low tide and persistent weather, it is possible to explore these caves for hours and even swim in the water.

Galicia is a good place to visit all year round, but the best time to visit is between June and September, but it is essential to book a free visit to the beach. The figure is controlled by the local government and the National Park Service (PNP) of Spain and the city of La Coruna.

From here you can take the ferry to La Isla de Ons and from here it is a short walk to Estaca de La Coruna, one of Galicia's most beautiful beaches. With its gentle dunes and framed by the majestic Mount Pindo, it is a spectacular place to spend a few hours.

Located in the centre of Laxe, it is a great opportunity to stay a few days in this city. The low prices and friendly service make it a perfect place for a short trip to La Coruna for the night.

Many street stalls sell shellfish and people flock to the beach, which goes well with a chilled Albarino. After a day outdoors, it is a perfect place to relax, and many of the colorful houses with their colorful balconies are a great way to spend the afternoon overlooking the bay while enjoying a good glass of wine or a good meal in one of the many restaurants. From 9 a.m. to 2 a.m., people gather in the streets of La Coruna to taste a delicious meal, often with the help of a friend.

Coruna may not be the most beautiful city in Spain, but it has a great gastronomic scene and interesting sights. In any case, the bars and restaurants are great places to drink and eat good Galician food without breaking the bank. Although service can be a little compromised - or, if the restaurant is full, food at reasonable prices is worth the waiter's indifference.

The beach is protected from the Atlantic Ocean by the mouth of the Anllons River and is almost 2 km long. It is a calm, clean water with white sand. Las Cies is one of Galicia's most popular tourist destinations, with stunning views of Coruna, the city of Lugo and the sea. There was also a nudist beach and was named the best beach in Europe. This kilometre-long beach with its imposing cliffs and beautiful views of Porto de la Paz is also one of the best in the province of Luga with its beautiful beaches and beautiful scenery.

There is an octopus trying Casa Acuna, an apartment for two to six people, and a hotel with a pool, restaurant and even a bar.

On the beach of Mourozos, a popular local restaurant offers an excellent selection of seafood and meat dishes. Along the promenade there are also bars and restaurants, including a café with stunning views of the sea and a small beach bar. Fresh eggs, fresh fish and fresh fruit and vegetables are prepared from the mouth of the Arcade estuary.

Although rustic stone houses line the seafront, the main attraction here is the traditional granary built of wood and stone and built on columns. You even have your own boat, which you can rent to explore the imposing cliffs that surround you.

But even in the hottest months of the year, be prepared for the rain, which can be heavy and sometimes persistent. The tidal currents are strong and without a lifeguard it is not ideal for children.

Precipitation is expected to be 3.8 mm and 57% of the sky will be covered by clouds, with humidity around 77%. Precipitation of 5.5 mm and 78% cloudy can be expected, and humidity of 5 mm per hour. Precipitation expected to be 3 to 8 mm and 58% clouds with humidity of about 80%, with 5 - 7 mm in the morning and 4 - 6 mm at night.

More About La Coruna

More About La Coruna