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Like most cities in Galicia, Coruna offers a wealth of activities before the sun sets. It may not be the first place to visit, but a guide will show you all the hidden treasures. The Spanish city offers some of the best ideas for visiting Spanish cities, so what do you do in La Coruna?

Calle Barrera is full of tapas bars, so stroll around until you find the perfect one, or stop at one of the many restaurants and bars you can try. The bars offer a wide selection of beers, wines and of course beer from the best tapas in the country.

Besides Santiago, I would recommend to stay in Vigo, Cambados, Guarda or Coruna if you want to visit the Cies Islands. Other places I visited were the Galicia National Park, the National Museum of Spain and the Natural History Museum. Getting to Galia: Spain's rail network is fantastic, you can fly from Santiago to Madrid, Madrid to Barcelona, Barcelona to Santiago de Compostela or even fly to the Canary Islands and then fly back to Spain by train or plane. You can also take the bus, train, bus or ferry from Madrid or Barcelona to Galicia.

Other attractions include the Galicia National Park, the National Museum of Spain and the Natural History Museum. Ingles sells almost everything you need, from clothing, shoes, jewelry, clothing, accessories, groceries and more. They are opening a new shop in Santiago de Compostela, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the Canary Islands.

This is the largest aquarium in Spain, dedicated to interactive exhibitions around the sea, including a nautilus underwater space surrounded by sea turtles, sea lions, sharks and other marine life. Bebe, where you can see sharks, dolphins, whales, crabs, turtles and many other fish species. In a 16th century fortress, the Archaeological and Historical Museum of La CoruA exhibits a wide range of artifacts and artefacts from the history of Galicia, relating to castles, towns and the entire region of Galicia.

There is also a baroque church from the 18th century on the square, which you can explore. Just outside the Plaza Maria Pita is the old town, where the Jardin de San Carlos is located, which houses a monument to the British sailors who died in the battle to protect La Coruna.

One of the best places is on Avenida da Marina, where you can drink and eat al fresco anywhere in the city. Upstairs you will find a variety of activities, including the Mirador de San Pedro restaurant, which has a relaxed café with a beautiful view of La Coruna and a beautiful garden.

Here, locals eat fresh, affordable seafood in Vigo, and it is one of the best restaurants in Spain. Refreshing with its refreshing acidity kick, Albarino alba reen yo is a convenient way to quaff fish and seafood, which is handy as Galicia is famous for producing the finest seafood cuisine in the country. The local Estrella Galician beer is particularly refreshing on cool days and comes in a variety of flavours, from sweet and fruity to bitter and bitter. If you don't want to order cerveza sin in Spain, this is probably not a good place for a cold.

This coastal town can be reached by bus from the city of Vigo, the capital of Galicia and one of the most popular tourist destinations in the country. Located a few hours south of Porto (you will probably want to rent a car to get to Galica), this country house boasts a spectacular, colourful history, and houses one of Galicia's oldest vineyards, as well as being right next to the historic town of Castellon, home to some of Spain's most famous castles.

If you have always been curious about what lies beyond the Spanish coast, a visit to this aquarium is the perfect complement to your Galician adventure. They all also enjoy walking into this large glass sphere that slowly climbs up a steep slope and offers the only 360AA viewpoint in Spain.

Galicia is a place that will amaze and surprise you at every turn. If you're looking for 8 things to do in CoruA Spain, take a look at this frankly brilliant list that includes everything there is to do. The region of Galicia, characterized by nature and the vast Atlantic Ocean, offers you everything you could wish for during an authentic Spanish stay with this guide to the 8 best things to do in Galicia, Spain. Activities at Lake Maggiore: Galicians, Galicos, the Bay of Biscay and Galveston in the Canary Islands: if you're looking forward to it, then you should have a look!

The city is also known to be one of the oldest cities in Spain, with over 1000 years of history. It is true that it is the second oldest city in the world, after Madrid, and one that is the oldest city in Spain, with over 2,500 years. This is a city famous for its beautiful architecture, good food and great culture. We have explained the 10 best things to do in La Coruna to make sure you make the most of your stay in the city.

More About La Coruna

More About La Coruna